Go Ahead and Watch

You are such a little loser. You can’t get a real girl to wear leather in front of you so you are reduced to cruising clips4sale looking for a gorgeous Goddess who will allow you to be the perverted voyeur that you are. So go ahead, watch me dress and get ready for an evening out. You aren’t invited to go with me, you only get to watch from behind your computer screen, sneaking around, watching a woman who is way too hot for you get dressed to go out and have a good time teasing the REAL men worthy of my beauty. HA!! It makes me laugh. Such a loser you are. Being reduced to watching, can’t even get an invite to join me for a drink. Only getting to jerk yourself off, imagining being with someone so sexy, dressed in tight leather pants and high heels with the sexy ankle strap, who drives all the men wild. Enjoy your evening….alone. Hahahahaha!!

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